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As an ex user of Xenadrine, I wanted to let you guys know that I will never go back after taking ViMulti. As a single mother of 3, I needed all the boost in energy that I could get. Xenadrine plus 5 hour energy is what I would compare to 2 golden capsules of your product. I must say I did lose some weight with Xenadrine, but it did nothing for my mood or libido. ViMulti is the total package. When is the PM formula coming off of backorder?


Posted By: Charity Green
Atlanta, GA

Before starting ViMulti, I suffered from insulin resistance, hypertension and elevated LDL. My body weight was 256 Lbs with a waist circumference of 46 inches. I received my free online consultation and started daily supplementation with ViMulti two capsules first thing in the morning. I utilized the free weight loss calculators as well as some of the diet and workout tips given to me. After the first bottle was complete, I lost 31 Lbs and I no longer have to take Lipitor or Norvasc for my cholesterol or blood pressure. Thanks Biopharm for all your support.


Posted By: Adrian Jackson
Savannah, GA

I was recommended ViMulti by my psychiatrist for treatment of my depression as an alternative to Prozac, Paxil, Lexapro or Zoloft. I had currently been on the generic version of Prozac but experienced a weight gain of 34 Lbs as well as a diminished libido. As a result I felt better, but now was overweight and had no sex drive. Not only did ViMulti help improve my mood but it also helped me lose all the weight gained as well as boosted my sex drive again. As a skeptical customer, I urge potential customers to read the studies posted on DHEA and get started on those two golden capsules.


Posted By: Rosa Nunez
Miami, FL

I wanted to write a quick note to thank Elizabeth from the online consultation department. This is the first web site that I visited that actually had live people for support. Thanks for processing my coupon even though it had expired.


Posted By: Clarissa S.
Fargo, ND

As an original ViMulti US trial participant, I wanted to shoot out a quick email to you guys with an update regarding my type 2 diabetes. Since starting ViMulti in 2008, I was able to reduce my abdominal fat significantly from my original consultation. I no longer use Metformin for my blood sugar. The savings alone in prescription medications were enough to make me a customer even after my study pills were gone. Thanks Timmy for your support.


Posted By: Bob Merlin
Rome, GA

I am on my fourth month post radical prostatectomy and have to say that ViMulti in combination with seldenafil is the most amazing thing since Ponce De Leon found the "Fountain of Youth". My sexual performance is back to when I was 18. I had reached a point were Viagra and Cialis weren’t enough, ViMulti gave me that added pow to return me to who I was and saved my marriage.


Posted By: Tyrone Jackson
Irvine, California

After having my first baby, there was no way I could lose that stubborn belly fat. I tried a free sample of ViMulti at GNC and was blown away by how quickly and safely belly fat banished. Thank God that ViMulti is no longer on back order and I'm glad you added the web site with all the information. Keep it up PS: Free samples anytime soon again?


Posted By: Margie Jetters
Salt Lake City, UT

Ralph, thanks for information at the South Beach Fitness expo last week. I was finally able to lose by belly fat and also stacked on 6lbs of pure muscle thanks to your product. At first I thought it was too good to be true, but the fat came off and I did improve my mood as promised. Kathy thanks you as well for the boost in size and firmness as well. Thanks Bud


Posted By: Johnny V.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

After you guys ran the "trade in your current supplement" program, I immediately started taking ViMulti after sending you my last bottle of hydroxycut. I will be honest that the weight loss was comparable with that of hydroxycut and Xendraine, but what I did notice was a lack of those jitters that those products gave me as well as a better mood and sleep cycle.


Posted By: Todd Laylin

I wanted to thank you for a quick refund after I did not see the results I expected. Although I did lose weight, I was expecting more. I was severely obese and ended up getting a gastric bypass. It is nice to know that there is a legitimate company online that does the right thing.


Posted By: Tammy Gosnick
Jackson, Mississippi

ViMulti truly is the magic pill that was promised. As an ICU nurse, I am constantly bombarded with the most aggressive forms of bacteria ever. I was consistently on zpack or penicillin due to constant colds. Since buying ViMulti at GNC, I haven't been sick in 8 months and have not needed a prescription for antibiotics since. The green tea and Vitamin C did the trick. By the way, the libido boost was an added benefit.


Posted By: Erica Fernandez
Miami, FL

Biopharm, thanks for saving me hundreds of dollars. I was spending $30 a month on hydroxycut, $34 on Extenze plus I figured would spend about $10 per week drinking green tea products per week. Who was the genius who decided to put all these things in on capsule for that price?


Posted By: Mark Toledo
Chicago, IL

I found ViMulti right on time, I had tried Enzyte, Extenze Maxoderm and all were frauds. They signed me up for some auto ship policy and then I was not able to get credit back after I realized I was ripped off. Not only did ViMulti deliver the sexual enhancement it guaranteed, the added weight loss and energy helped.


Posted By: - Anonymous

I do not know where to begin. My primary care doctor diagnosed me with Metabolic Syndrome X three months ago. He told me that I was going to die form cardiovascular disease due to my diabetes and blood pressure. I had tried every yo yo diet and quick weight loss scam on the market. My doctor had just come back from a lecture in which they recommend ViMulti for treatment of metabolic syndrome. I read the studies on DHEA and reduction of abdominal fat and was convinced that this was the product for me. 6 week in I have dropped 23 lbs and reduced my insulin dose by 70% and no longer take Diovan and Toprol for my blood pressure.


Posted By: Diana Estrella

Thanks for all the free information on metabolic syndrome. I applied for your free product for indigent cases like mine and am still waiting for approval by your indigent care department. Keep the information on syndrome X coming.


Posted By: Jackie S.
Harlem, NY

Is Biopharm still taking in current supplements as trade in for ViMulti? I unloaded all my sexual enhancement pills while you ran that promotion but just found a bottle of Enzyte that I was going to dump. Help!


Posted By: Customer Care Email

After being lied to by the Mona Vie people, I was very wary of trying a product that sounded too good to be true. Boy was I wrong. ViMulti is all they claim. I lost 37 quickly while taking ViMulti. I was upset when ViMulti went on back order those months due to demand. I am back on track and feeling better than ever. May get off Prozac next.


Posted By: Bettie Markfintsenerg
Austin, TX

I’m glad my doctor recommended ViMulti for my sexual function issues. I was spending $10 for the little blue pill with very little success. ViMulti not only enhanced my sex life but also helped with those ten pounds of belly fat. My personal email is available at customer service if anyone has any questions. I am a loyal customer and want to help get the word out to men and women who want to benefit from sexual enhancement.


Posted By: Eric G.
Kendall, Fl

Before being diagnosed with major depression, I was an avid fitness enthusiast with a passion for life and a great sex life. Once I was started on Zoloft 50mg, I gained 20 pounds in two months and lost all desire for sexual intercourse with my husband. I quickly discontinued the Zoloft and my depression symptoms quickly returned. My doctor told me to look into ViMulti since the main ingredient had been effective in treating major depression as well as weight loss and sexual dysfunction in women. I’ve been a loyal customer since 2008. I’m glad to see production was ramped up to meet the demand. Thanks Dr. Thomas for creating this super pill.


Posted By: Janice Whiloksy

Hey guys, I am on month number 2 with ViMulti and my LDL has gone down from 267 to 134 while cutting back my dose of Lipitor from 80mg to 10mg. After starting ViMulti and following the interval workout and diet plan, I was able to lose 17kg fast. My cardiologist says the added interval workout that you provided helped inch my HDL up to normal levels as well.


Posted By: Brent Taylor

This message is for customer service. The science team at ViMulti should change the dose of ViMulti based on the amount of weight one wants to lose. I am morbidly obese and suffer form metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, hypertension, major depression and erectile dysfunction. Due to my size and poor vascular condition, it was apparent that one pill a day was not working. After speaking to my doctors, he recommended I take 3 pills daily since I am an extreme case. After changing the dose the first thing I noticed was a major improvement in mood. I was no loner easily irritated. Soon after my mood improved, my energy levels spiked and the weight started flying off. Your design team should consider making bottles with 90 capsules for extreme cases like me.


Posted By: Email sent to Customer Care Department


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