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BioPharm CEO, Rafael Olartecoechea, Speaks Out About Health Supplement Regulations

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Increased scrutiny and regulation in the nutraceutical and supplement market should be welcomed according to BioPharm CEO, Rafael Olartecoechea, producer of Vimulti® (



"As a market participant for more than 14 years, I have seen the best and worst of this industry, and the worst would make the average consumer cringe."


“As a market participant for more than 14 years, I have seen the best and worst of this industry, and the worst would make the average consumer cringe,” said Rafael Olartecoechea, CEO of BioPharm. “Many of the products consumers purchase from health food stores like GNC and the Vitamin Shoppe are assumed safe because they are on a store shelf, however, the reality is that the FDA does not routinely regulate the supplements industry, providing a dangerous mix for consumers.”


Over the last three years, alternative medicines and supplements have experienced an unexpected surge in popularity for a variety of reasons, the economy being a main driver. People on average are experiencing increased stress levels due to the competition for jobs and the fear of losing income. Studies have shown that increased stress is linked to the gross majority of illnesses, which makes consumers turn to supplements and alternative medicines.


Maggie Fox, at Reuters, reports, “Many popular dietary supplements contain ingredients that may cause cancer, heart problems, liver or kidney damage, but U.S. stores sell them anyway and Americans spend millions on them, according to Consumer Reports.”


“The combination of increased demand and lack of regulation has and will continue to prove dangerous for consumers, ironically at the time they are turning to these supplements for increased health benefits,” added Olartecoechea. “I commend Reuters for their recent report on the dangers of supplements and I hope it spells an increased spotlighting of less than desirable practices in the industry. Increased regulation will, logically, result in higher safety standards, more effective products, and ultimately higher consumer confidence. I say that if companies cannot afford to offer their products safely, their products should not be offered.”


BioPharm with its principal offering Vimulti leads the nutraceutical industry and intends to push for heightened regulation to protect consumers. For more information about Vimulti please visit:




BioPharm Nutraceuticals
Rafael Olartecoechea, 954-251-7147
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A Non-Bias Review of Vimulti in the News


As a severely overweight writer and blogger, I have tried all kinds of weight loss formulas to try to lose weight. Spending long hours behind a desk and traveling has limited the time I have to exercise or diet properly. The more weight I put on, the less energy I had and the harder it feels to overcome the battle of the bulge. With the added weight, came feelings of sadness as well as loss of libido. As I wrote about weight loss products, I would end up buying them and realizing that they did not work.  In September of 2009, I had the opportunity to review a new breakthrough in natural supplements called Vimulti. The makers of this multisupplement claimed that Vimulti was effective for supporting weight loss, mood, libido and immune function. As a person suffering from all of these conditions, I decided to give natural supplements one last shot. Below is a summary of my Journey and a non-bias review of this multisupplement.

I started taking Vimulti as directed once daily only to conclude that a more effective dose was two pills daily for me. Although the bottled said 1 pill daily, I had heard others taking two for more severe cases. The first thing that stuck out about this product was the honesty and support form the product website. Most online weight loss products have websites designed just to get you to order. The Vimulti website is loaded with free tools, customer support, and clinical information regarding my issues. There were no absurd claims on the website stating that I would lose 10 lbs in two days of pure fat which was refreshing. The first 5 days I didn’t notice much of a difference. As I started feeling that I had just been ripped off, I read some of the testimonials and realized that this is normal. I stuck with Vimulti and started shedding pounds of fat soon after that. As the key ingredient (DHEA) started to reach higher levels in the body, the other benefits started to kick in. My mood and libido both showed a dramatic improvement as well as a major boost in energy. This review of Vimulti is my own personal expreience and may not be the case for all. After years of writing and reviewing weight loss products, Vimulti is the first to help me shed pounds of fat.

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