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Improve Your Chances Against H1N1 (swine flu) and the Regular Flu this Season

BioPharm Nutraceuticals engineered ViMulti™ to enhance the immune system by maximizing the potential of Vitamin C. When BioPharm created the multisupplement ViMulti™, it came up with a new approach to solve the most common condition that most of its users experience and that is Infections can be preventedan immune system that is not working to its optimal potential. A recent article published by the Cleveland Clinic, states that supplementation with Vitamin C can help overcome one of the most common ailments known as CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).The Mayo Clinic lists common symptoms of CFS(Chronic Fatgue Syndrome) as fatigue, loss of energy, sore throat, unexplained muscle pain, loss of sleep and mild inflamed lymph nodes. The National Institute of Health also states that Vitamin C can help reduce cold symptoms. If you experience any of these symptoms consult your doctor immediately and ask if ViMulti™ is right for you. Unlike most weight loss and sexual enhancement formulas on the market, BioPharm added Vitamin C to help our consumers enhance total body function. Read more below on how the Vitamin C in ViMulti™ helps you "Take Care of Yourself - Every Day - In Every Way."

How Does Vitamin C Function in the Body?

Much like the immune system itself, which operates at a cellular level,Vitamin C helps the immune system figt off infection the hardworking Vitamin C found in ViMulti™ reaches every cell of the body. Vitamin C helps some of our most important body systems. First and foremost, it helps the immune system to fight off attacks by foreign invaders. Vitamin C also supports the cardiovascular system by facilitating metabolic reduction of fat and protecting tissues from free radical damage and assists the nervous system by converting certain amino acids into neurotransmitters. This vital nutrient plays a major role in the manufacture and defense of our connective tissues, the elaborate matrix that holds the body together. It serves as a primary ingredient of collagen, a glue-like substance that binds cells together to form tissues.

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